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Postpartum Planning

Many parents are not sure what is needed after the baby arrives.  They plan during pregnancy for the birth and even write elaborate birth plans. Buy baby items like cribs and diapers But what about postpartum - the time after the birth when the family is adjusting?  Some families have no help or resources available to them.  So lets talk about...Beyond the Birth Plan...into Postpartum!

This is a three hour class that parents attend and can also bring family members if they like.  We will discuss what your needs may be - some you may not have even thought about!  What warning signs to look for that healing may not be going as it should.  What IS normal?  What is not?  Who will be responsible for daily household chores once the baby arrives?  With the guidance of Crystal you can have a much smoother recovery and postpartum phase.

Fee for this class is:  $65 - bring your support!

Contact Me For Availability

 Tel: 609-456-8389

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