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Postpartum Doula Care 

A postpartum doula works with the family after they give birth to help them make a smooth transition into parenthood.  They educate, provide resources, help with household chores, and baby care.  They know what the normal postpartum recovery looks like so they know when to advise you to contact your provider.  Postpartum doulas do not provide medical care or advice.

Crystal has been a certified postpartum doula for over 20 years. For eight years she worked as a CNA in maternity.  She also trains postpartum and labor support doulas.  She provides part-time care in the home to help new parents adjust by caring for the baby while parent(s) rest or shower, preparing light meals, light household chores and educating parents in feeding methods, bathing, and infant safety.

You can contact her for a free in-home consult for postpartum planning during your pregnancy.

Contact Me For Availability

 Tel: 609-456-8389

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