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Active Birth Class Series

For 38 years I have been teaching childbirth classes in various settings. Everything from six week series to the one day express. Over the years I have come to realize that in order to effectively teach new parents about the birth process, it can’t be done in a few hours. Or at least not effectivel. It is even challenging for me in the 26 hour series I present now!

I decided to offer a more comprehensive series when women from my hospital classes were contacting me saying that even though the classes were very informative, they felt they needed more. So I listened!

Yes, it is a commitment! Yes, people are busy. Me too! But the typical person attending is looking for a non-medicated birth or a birth with the least amount of interventions. Although, my classes are really for anyone no matter how they plan to birth. It is not my place to tell anyone how. Just to give information about how to make the best possible choices at the time for the kind of labor you get.

Classes are structured a bit differently with two classes one month, a little break, then two the next month. It gives time to digest and also practice what was learned in class. It takes planning because you should attend early.

I suggest if you are interested you contact me. We can discuss a strategy that works best for you and if my classes are not a good fit I will help you find what is - and I have the resources to prove it!

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