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Labor Doula Workshops

Are you interested in working with birthing families?  If so this workshop is for you! Comprehensive 26 hour labor doula workshop taught by Crystal Sada who has trained doulas for 20 years and was a labor and postpartum doula with a very thriving practice for 16 years.  Learn the birth process as well as hands-on comfort measures and how to grow your business!  Everything you need to start practicing right away.

This workshop requires no prior experience in birth and is the first step to certification with Active Birth Institute.  The program can take up to two years to complete but most achieve certification within a year.  The workshop cost is one set fee and includes mentoring through your first two births by text or phone by Crystal if needed. will leave this workshop with such confidence it is usually not required.  As with all my programs, payment plans are available and discounts for certain circumstances like someone already trained/certified even in a different area.  Fast track program for those already certified with another organization!

Contact Crystal for program requirements for certification.

How is ABI different?

Crystal believes we were all meant to do this work and have an innate ability to provide comfort and support to those laboring.  We just need to tap into it and help it release.  This program is different than many because there will be no multiple choice testing at the end.  You will be required to read 5 books of your choice on categories relating to birth and write five essays (synopsis) on those books by answering questions about the book.  There are also no yearly dues or membership fees and you pay one fee for the entire program! More emphasis is placed on the parents you work with and their opinion of your services.  You will receive personal mentoring from Crystal through certification!  Okay...AND beyond!  (LOL)

Contact Me For Enrollment

 Tel: 609-456-8389

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