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Helping Families Form Loving Bonds

Hello and thank you for your interest!  I am Crystal Sada and I have been working with and advocating for new parents for over 40 years.  My previous experience is varied and includes working in maternity for seven years in newborn nursery and postpartum where I helped new parents learn to care for their newborn.  I also founded the Cesarean Way which successfully lobbied for hospitals to change policies to help parents have family-centered maternity care no matter how they gave birth. Pretty much what is now referred to as baby-friendly but with a mother-friendly component as well!


More recently I was a faculty member with a large certification organization and trained doulas and childbirth educators all over the United States for 20 years.  In addition, I worked as a very busy and well-respected certified labor support and postpartum doula in NJ and PA for 16 years serving hundreds of families and have been a certified childbirth educator for 38 years.


I am currently the Director of Active Birth Institute where I train and certify postpartum and labor support doulas and teach Active Birth Classes as a certified Lamaze childbirth educator.  Classes are held at Cherry Hill OB/GYN in Mount Laurel, NJ as well as virtually through Zoom.  Feel free to contact me for additional information on either Active Birth Class or workshops through Active Birth Institute.  Looking forward to working with you!


Help families form loving bonds by educating them to make the best choices for their  birth and to teach doulas to support families before, during, and after birth. 

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